Olympic Games Paris 2024 - Special Pack of 12 packets of cards Panini

54,90 €

Experience the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and collect the heroes of today, the legends of the past, and the stars of tomorrow.
Discover the first edition of the trading card collection dedicated to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Special Pack includes:

- Box of 12 packets
- Starter Pack, which includes a binder, 5 packets and a Newspaper Preview of the collection.

Every packet contains 8 cards and 1 Digital Collection coupon.

  • Tuotetyyppi: Albumi ja paketit
  • Vuosi: 2024
  • Kieli: Englanti
  • Sisus: Väri
  • Voidaan toimittaa seuraaviin maihin: Suomi
  • Toimitettu: Italy
54,90 €